Heartland Academy
106 Courchelle Dr
Nicholasville, KY 40356


Our Infant Program

Heartland Academy provides a safe childcare environment where your baby will be loved and cared for. Our teachers will work to stimulate your baby’s physical development through hands on play and  exploration.

The weekly Nursery Curriculums will incorporate language, physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. The infant classroom is designed for movement, exploration and relaxation for your child to learn, explore and grow. You will receive and daily log of your child’s feeding, sleeping, diapering and learning activities every day.

The program also abides by state-mandated teacher-to-child ratio. We take cleanliness very seriously and take precautions to prevent the spread of germs. To limit outside germs and contamination our nursery room is a shoe free environment. All furniture and children’s toys are disinfected on a regular basis.

At Heartland Academy we feel its an honor to take care of your child and for you to know he or she is being loved and nurtured from their very first day of becoming a part of the Heartland family.

Toddler Preschool Program

The toddler program will provide new challenges and prepare your child for the Preschool Program. The two year olds will learn and develop skills through themed curriculums and learning centers. The daily activities and learning adventures will be designed to incorporate social skills, daily structure and developing important character traits.

The toddler classroom is designed with learning centers where your child will participate on a range of fun discoveries and experiences. Learning Centers will bring educational and fun experiences to the classroom.

  • Dramatic play: The child can use their imagination and creativity using different props (dress-up   clothes, dolls, cars and car mats, trains and train sets, playhouses, etc.)
  • Creative Arts: Your child will learn eye-hand coordination, and problem solving through drawing, sculpture and painting.
  • Music and Movement:  Enhances your child’s vocabulary and listening skills through songs, poems and rhymes.
  • Blocks: Develop spatial awareness through stacking, sorting, building and recreating.
  • Water and Sand: Allows your child to experiment with sensory materials.

The Toddler weekly curriculum will include Morning circle time, Learning Centers, Outdoor Play, Lunch and Quiet Time, Bible Lessons, Sign language, Exercise and Nutrition, Music and Movement, Math, Language and Literacy.  Our program addresses all learning styles, and our goal is to help each child reach his or her fullest potential.

Our focus is having a fun safe, environment for your early preschooler to get the knowledge and personal growth to prepare them for kindergarten,



Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness Program

The Preschool and  Kindergarten Readiness program will provide your child with independent and cooperative learning strategies.  Our preschool program is designed to prep your preschooler for kindergarten, and is filled with fun and exciting activities that reinforce objectives and further your child’s school readiness.

The preschool weekly curriculum includes: morning and afternoon circle time, math, language, and literacy, music and movement, outdoor play, lunch and quiet time, Bible lessons, Spanish lessons, and sign language lessons, exercise and nutrition, science and sensorial, and story time.  Our program is designed for your children to be able to apply thought, imagination, and creativity into their educational experiences.

The preschool classroom is designed with designated areas with learning centers to prepare them for Kindergarten.  The learning center will include:

  • Dramatic Play– encourages individual and group role play activities with real and imaginary props
  • Reading– promotes independent reading and a love of books
  • Science and Sensory– allows children to experiment with sensory materials
  • Math and Manipulatives– helps children learn new concepts with a hands-on and experiencing way
  • Blocks– develops spatial awareness through stacking, sorting, building, and recreating
  • Writing/Creativity/Art- helps with eye hand coordination, vocabulary, thinking skills, and self expression.

With our preschool program you will receive assessments regularly through daily logs, and weekly homework packets, so that you can assure that your preschooler is progressing throughout the year.

Our focus is having a fun and safe environment for your child to learn and create new experiences and developing positive and trusting relationships.

The After School Program

The After School Program will provide fun and educational activities such as reading, creating projects, fitness, music and field trips and lots of play time . The school age program also offers group activities.  We call these activities our Learning Fun Clubs.  In these clubs your child will make new friends, help peers with homework and have fun learning experiences.

  • Homework club
  • Reading Club
  • Community Service Club
  • Yearbook Club

Heartland Academy After School Program offers transportation to and from school.

Our focus is having a fun and safe environment for your child to learn and have amazing experiences in the After School Program

The Summer Camp Program

Heartland Academy’s upcoming Summer Camp Program will be filled with fun activites that will include: scrap booking, spelling bee’s, summer workbooks, nature walks, gardening, and water activites.  Through activities your child can participate in going on fieldtrips to exciting venus such as the park, movies, library, bowling, community service activities and parent/child fieldtrips. Each day will be filled with lots of learning and fun.

Our focus is to have a fun and safe enviorment for your child so that they can have the best “SUMMER” ever.